¿Puedo utilizar mi ropa de playa para otros eventos?

Can I use my beachwear for other events?

Fashion is one of the artistic industries that has shown us that the limit of experimentation is in the mind of the person who is deciding what to wear. It has led us to understand that the categorization of clothing is an outdated idea, since it only serves to limit our style. In fact, choosing clothes that we usually use for other activities and combining them with each other helps us take our style to another level and expand our closet.

In Bless Handmade Style We will tell you ways in which you can use your beachwear in other types of occasions and not only on the beach, so that you can start exploring with your style. Read on to find out!

Bath outings for formal events

Your bathing suits are an excellent bet for a different outfit in your formal events. Look for the bathroom exit to be in the form of a dress, in order to make the most of this garment. If this is short, it will serve you for cocktail-type events, although you can try others and the long ones are for more etiquette bets.

At Bless, for example, we have many options to explore, our favorites are: Serenity , a white dress that is accompanied by fringes and a cut out style, perfect for formal daytime events. Aia , which is a dress the same length as the previous one, but it is tight to the body and you can see the threads tied together to create it.

For formal events, fringes are an excellent option. We have some collections full of fringes (we love them), but this time we recommend our Selenna , which comes in four colors, white, black, light blue and beige, which will set you as the center of attention. and our set Soul , which is a short dress with long fringes, which make anyone who wears it stand out.

Beachwear for casual events

If you like comfort but also aspire to an outfit that makes you shine, using your beachwear to create these styles is your best option. To create these outfits, you can choose from skirts, pants, to kimonos. For example, our set roxy It is an excellent option for casual styles both on vacation and in your day-to-day, since it is made up of a short fringe and a crop top also with boleros, this makes it a "street" bet.

If you like pants more, we also have different options: demipant , It is a pant that provides the feeling of freedom, elegance and sophistication, but also gives you that casual style that will make you stand out. But if sets are definitely your thing, our blessed set It will fascinate you, because it is a whole set with which you will shine at your casual events, those outings with friends that are done once every three years.

Fashion shows us the way in which we can transform our style and go through fantastic combinations, when we put aside the categorization of clothes, we see the complete panorama of fashion, which, in addition to fabrics, is an artistic expression that reflects our personality.

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